A Listing of Australian Blind Snakes
Distribution Key

Family Typhlopidae (Blind Snakes)

Scientific Name
Common Name
Ramphotyphlops affinis Small-headed  Blind Snake NSW,Qld S2585
Ramphotyphlops australis Southern Blind Snake NSW,NT,SA,Vic,WA U2586
Ramphotyphlops batillus Blind Snake NSW W2587
Ramphotyphlops bituberculatus Prong-snouted Blind Snake NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA A2588
Ramphotyphlops braminus Flowerpot Blind Snake CI,CKI,NT, C2589
Ramphotyphlops broomi Faint-striped Blind Snake NSW,NT,Qld,SA, M2590
Ramphotyphlops centralis Centralian Blind Snake NT K2725
Ramphotyphlops chamodrac Blind Snake Qld G2731
Ramphotyphlops diversus Northern Blind Snake NT,Qld,WA Z2591
Ramphotyphlops endoterus Interior Blind Snake NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA Q2592
Ramphotyphlops exocoeti Christmas Island Blind Snake CI A2608
Ramphotyphlops grypus Long-beaked Blind Snake NT,Qld,WA S2593
Ramphotyphlops guentheri Top End Blind Snake NT,WA U2594
Ramphotyphlops hamatus Pale-headed Blind Snake WA C2609
Ramphotyphlops howi Kimberly Deep-soil Blind Snake WA S2817
Ramphotyphlops kimberley Kimberley Shallow-soil Blind Snake WA M2610
Ramphotyphlops leptosoma Murchison Blind Snake WA W2595
Ramphotyphlops leucoproctus Cape York Blind Snake Qld A2596
Ramphotyphlops ligatus Robust Blind Snake NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA C2597
Ramphotyphlops margaretae Buff-snouted  Blind Snake WA Z2611
Ramphotyphlops micromma Small-eyed Blind Snake WA A2800
Ramphotyphlops minimus Groote Dwarf Blind Snake NT(Groote Island) E2598
Ramphotyphlops nigrescens Blackish Blind Snake NSW,Qld,Vic G2599
Ramphotyphlops pinguis Rotund Blind Snake SA,Vic,WA K2601
Ramphotyphlops polygrammicus North-eastern Blind Snake Qld M2602
Ramphotyphlops proximus Proximus Blind Snake NSW,Qld,SA,Vic Z2603
Ramphotyphlops silvia Blind Snake Qld Y2732
Ramphotyphlops tovelli Darwin Blind Snake NT Q2604
Ramphotyphlops troglodytes Sandamara Blind Snake WA C2801
Ramphotyphlops unguirostris Claw-snouted Blind Snake NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA S2605
Ramphotyphlops waitii Beaked Blind Snake WA E2802
Ramphotyphlops wiedii Brown-snouted Blind Snake QLD U2606
Ramphotyphlops yampiensis Yampi Blind Snake WA G2803
Ramphotyphlops yirrikalae Yirrkala Blind Snake NT W2607

Click on the abbreviation to see a map of the area
CI = Christmas Island
CKI = Cocos (Keeling) Island
NSW = New South Wales
NT = Northern Territory
Qld = Queensland
SA = South Australia
Tas = Tasmania
Vic = Victoria
WA = Western Australia