A Listing of Australian Pythons
Distribution Key

Family Boidae (boas and pythons)
Subfamily Pythonidae (pythons)

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Last updated 8/9/01

Scientific Name
Common Name
Antaresia childreni Children's Python NT,Qld,WA G2619
Antaresia maculosa spotted Python NT,Qld,WA G2619
Antaresia perthensis Pygmy Python WA U2622
Antaresia stimsoni Stimson's Python NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA W2819
Aspidites melanocephalus Black-headed Python NT,Qld,WA Q2612
Aspidites ramsayi Woma NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA S2613
Leiopython albertisii D'alberti's Python Qld(Torres Strait Isl) C2617
Liasis fuscus Water Python NT,Qld,WA Q2620
Liasis o. barroni Western Olive Python WA ?
Liasis o. olivaceus Olive Python NT,Qld,WA S2621
Morelia amethistina kinghorni Australian Scrub Python Qld E2618
Morelia bredli * Centralian Carpet Python NT W2623
Morelia carinata Rough-scaled Python WA A2624
Morelia oenpelliensis Oenpelli Rock Python NT E2626
Morelia spilota cheynei Jungle Carpet python Qld C2625
Morelia spilota imbricata Southwestern Carpet Python WA C2625
Morelia spilota mcdowelli Coastal Carpet Python NSW,Qld C2625
Morelia spilota metcalfei Inland Carpet Python NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic C2625
Morelia spilota spilota Diamond Python NSW,Vic C2625
Morelia spilota variegata Northwestern Carpet Python NT,Qld,WA C2625
Morelia viridis Green Tree Python Qld A2616

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CI = Christmas Island
CKI = Cocos (Keeling) Island
NSW = New South Wales
NT = Northern Territory
Qld = Queensland
SA = South Australia
Tas = Tasmania
Vic = Victoria
WA = Western Australia