A Listing of Australian ElapidSnakes
Distribution Key

FamilyElapidae (Elapid Snakes)

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Scientific Name Common Name Distribution CODE
Acanthophis antarcticus
Common Death Adder
NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA A2640
Acanthophis praelongus Northern Death Adder NT,Qld,WA Y2804
Acanthophis pyrrhus Desert Death Adder NT,Qld,SA,WA C2641
Austrelaps labialis Pigmy Copperhead SA U2614
Austrelaps ramsayi Highlands Copperhead NSW,Vic W2615
Austrelaps superbus Lowlands copperhead NSW,SA,Tas,Vic E2642
Cacophis churchilli Northern Dwarf Crowned Snake Qld ?
Cacophis harriettae White-Crowned Snake NSW,Qld K2645
Cacophis krefftii Dwarf Crowned Snake NSW,Qld M2646
Cacophis squamulosus Golden Crowned Snake NSW,Qld Z2647
Demansia atra Lesser Black Whip Snake NT,Qld,WA Y2652
Demansia calodera Black-Necked Whipsnake WA ?
Demansia olivacea Olive Whip Snake NT,Qld,WA K2653
Demansia papuensis Greater Black (Papuan)Whip Snake NT,Qld,WA M2654
Demansia psammmophis Yellow-Faced Whipsnake NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA Z2655
Demansia reticulata Desert Whipsnake SA ?
Demansia simplex Grey Whip Snake NT,WA S2657
Demansia torquata Collared Whip Snake NSW,NT,Qld,SA(?) U2658
Denisonia devisii De Vis Banded Snake NSW,Qld Y2660
Denisonia maculata Ornamental Snake Qld M2662
Drysdalia (Elapognaphus) coronata Crowned Snake WA Q2664
Drysdalia (Elapognaphus) coronoides White-Lipped Snake NSW,SA,Tas,Vic S2665
Drysdalia (Elapognaphus) mastersi Masters' Snake NSW(?),SA,Vic,WA U2666
Drysdalia (Elapognaphus) rhodogaster Mustard Bellied Snake NSW K2805
Echiopsis atriceps Lake Cronin Snake WA M2806
Echiopsis curta Bardick NSW,SA,Vic,WA W2667
Elapognathus minor Little Brown Snake WA A2668
Furina diadema Red-naped Snake NSW,Qld,SA,Vic C2669
Furina ornata *Orange-naped Snake NT,Qld,SA,WA Z2807
Glyphodon barnardi Yellow-naped Snake Qld M2670
Glyphodon dunmalli Dunmall's Snake Qld Z2671
Glyphodon tristis Brown-headed Snake Qld Q2672
Hemiaspis damelii Grey Snake NSW,Qld S2673
Hemiaspis signata Black-bellied Swamp or Marsh Snake NSW,Qld U2674
Hoplocephala bitorquata Pale-headed Snake NSW,Qld W2675
Hoplocephala bungaroides Broad-headed Snake NSW A2676
Hoplocephala stephensi Stephens' Banded Snake NSW,Qld C2677
Notechis ater ater Krefft's Black Tiger Snake SA Q2680
Notechis ater humphreysi Tasmanian Tiger Snake Tas Q2680
Notechis ater niger Peninsula Black Tiger Snake SA Q2680
Notechis ater serventyi Chappel Island Tiger Snake Tas (Offshore Islands) Q2680
Notechis scutatus occidentalis Western Tiger Snake WA S2681
Notechis scutatus scutatus *Eastern or Mainland Tiger Snake NSW,Qld,SA,Vic S2681
Oxyuranus microlepidotus *Inland Taipan NSW,Qld,SA,Vic(?) K2689
Oxyuranus scutellatus Taipan NSW,NT,Qld,WA Y2688
*Oxyuranus temporalis Central Rnages Taipan WA  
Pseudechis australis King Brown or Mulga Snake NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA U2690
Pseudechis butleri Butler's Snake WA M2814
Pseudechis colletti Collett's Snake Qld W2691
Pseudechis guttatus Blue-bellied or Spotted Black Snake NSW,Qld A2692
*Pseudechis pailsei False King Brown Snake Qld, NT, WA ?
Pseudechis porphyriacus Red-bellied Black Snake NSW,Qld,SA,Vic C2693
Pseudonaja affinis Dugite SA,WA E2694
Pseudonaja guttata Speckled Brown Snake NT,Qld,SA G2695
Pseudonaja inframacula Peninsula Brown Snake SA,WA(?) Q2700
Pseudonaja ingrami Ingram's Brown Snake NT,Qld,WA Y2696
Pseudonaja modesta Ringed Brown Snake NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA K2697
Pseudonaja nuchalis Western Brown Snake or Gwarder NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA M2698
Pseudonaja textilis Common or Eastern Brown Snake NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA Z2699
Rhinoplocephalus bicolor Muller's Snake WA U2710
Rhinoplocephalus (Cryptophis) boschmai *Carpentaria Whip Snake Qld Y2812
Rhinoplocephalus (Cryptophis) nigrescens Eastern Small-eyed Snake NSW,Qld,Vic E2650
Rhinoplocephalus (Cryptophis)nigrostriatus Black-striped Snake Qld E2730
Rhinoplocephalus nullabor Nullarbor Hooded Snake SA,WA ?
Rhinoplocephalus (Cryptophis) pallidiceps Northern (Western) Small-eyed Snake NT,WA G2651
Simoselaps anomalus Northern Desert Banded Snake NT,SA,WA Q2808
Simoselaps approximans North-western Shovel-nosed Snake WA S2809
Simoselaps australis Australian Coral Snake NSW,Qld,SA,Vic W2711
Simoselaps bertholdi Desert Banded Snake NT,SA,WA A2712
Simoselaps bimaculata Western Black-naped Snake SA,WA E2678
Simoselaps calonotus Western Black-striped Snake WA G2679
Simoselaps fasciolata Narrow-banded Burrowing Snake NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA C2713
Simoselaps incinctus Unbanded Shovel-nosed Snake NT,Qld E2714
Simoselaps littoralis Coastal Burrowing Snake WA E2810
Simoselaps minima Dampierland Burrowing Snake WA G2811
Simoselaps semifasciata Half-girdled Snake NT,Qld,SA,WA G2715
Simoselaps roperi Northern Shovel Nosed Snake NT,Qld,SA,WA ?
Simoselaps semifasciatus Half-girdled Snake NT,Qld,SA,WA ?
Simoselaps warro Robust Burrowing Snake Qld Y2716
Simoselaps woodjonesii Cape York Shovel-nosed Snake Qld K2717
Suta (Denisonia) fasciata Rosen's Snake WA K2661
Suta (Rhinoplocephalus) flagellum Little Whip Snake NSW,SA,Vic Z2727
Suta (Rhinoplocephalus) gouldii Black-headed Snake WA Q2728
Suta (Rhinoplocephalus) monachus Hooded Snake NSW,NT,SA,WA S2729
Suta (Rhinoplocephalus) nigriceps Mallee Black-backed Snake NSW,SA,Vic,WA Y2724
Suta (Denisonia) ordensis Ord Curl Snake NT(?),WA W2659
Suta (Rhinoplocephalus) punctata Little Spotted Snake NT,Qld,WA Z2663
Suta (Rhinoplocephalus) spectabilis Spectacled Hooded Snake NSW,Qld,SA,Vic,WA K2813
Suta (Rhinoplocephalus) dwyeri Dwyer's Snake NSW,Qld M2726
Suta (Denisonia) suta Myall or Curl Snake NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA E2722
Tropidechis carinatus Rough-scaled Snake NSW,Qld G2723
Vermicella annulata Bandy Bandy NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA M2734
Vermicella multifasciata Northern Bandy Bandy NT,WA Z2735


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CI = Christmas Island
CKI = Cocos (Keeling) Island
NSW = New South Wales
NT = Northern Territory
Qld = Queensland
SA = South Australia
Tas = Tasmania
Vic = Victoria
WA = Western Australia
Of the islands shown between Victoria and Tasmania, King island is the one to the west. To the east is a group of islands, including Flinders Island, Cape Barren Island, and Chappel Island.