A Listing of Australian Skinks
Distribution Key
Family: Scincidae (Skinks)

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Scientific Name Common Name Distribution CODE
Anomalopus brevicollis Short-necked Worm-skink Qld O2039
Anomalopus lentiginosus Worm-skink NSW,Qld M2290
Anomalopus gowi Speckled Worm Skink Qld A2040
Anomalopus leuckartii Two-clawed Worm-skink NSW,Qld C2041
Anomalopus mackayi Five-clawed Worm-skink NSW,Qld E2042
Anomalopus pluto Cape York Worm-skink Qld Q2292
Anomalopus swansoni Punctate Worm-skink NSW S2101
Anomalopus verreauxi Three-Clawed Worm skink NSW,Qld W2295
Bartleia jigurru Bartle Frere Cool-skink Qld Z2523
Bassiana duperreyi Bold-striped Cool-skink NSW,SA,Tas,Vic U2682
Bassiana platynota Red-throated Cool-skink NSW,Qld,Vic A2464
Bassiana trilineata South-western Cool-skink SA(?),WA E2466
Calyptotis lepidorostrum Cone Eared Calyptotis Qld Y2300
Calyptotis ruficauda Red Tailed Calyptotis Skink NSW K2031
Calyptotis scutirostrum Scute-snouted Calyptotis Skink NSW,Qld M2558
Calyptotis temporalis Broad-templed Calyptotis Skink Qld G2299
Calyptotis thorntonensis Thornton Peak Calyptotis Skink Qld E2298
Carlia amax Bauxite Rainbow-Skink NT,Qld,WA M2302
Carlia bicarinata Rainbow-Skink Qld Z2303
Carlia burnetti Rainbow-Skink NSW,Qld Q2304
Carlia coensis Coen Rainbow-Skink Qld S2305
Carlia dogare Sandy Rainbow-Skink Qld U2306
Carlia gracilis Slender Rainbow-Skink NT,WA C2309
Carlia jarnoldae Lined Rainbow-Skink Qld M2310
Carlia johnstonei Rough Brown Rainbow-Skink WA Z2311
Carlia longipes Closed-litter Rainbow-Skink NT,Qld A2308
Carlia munda Shaded-Litter Rainbow-Skink NT,Qld,WA Z2151
Carlia mundivensis Outcrop Rainbow-Skink Qld Q2312
Carlia parrhasius Rainbow-Skink QLD ?
Carlia pectoralis * Open-litter Rainbow-Skink NSW,Qld U2314
Carlia rhomboidalis Blue-throated Rainbow-Skink Qld A2316
Carlia rostralis Black-throated Rainbow-Skink Qld Q2152
Carlia rimula Rainbow-Skink Qld Z2815
Carlia rubrigularis Red Throated Rainbow-Skink Qld S2153
Carlia rufilatus Red-sided Rainbow-Skink NT,WA C2317
Carlia schmeltzii Robust Rainbow-Skink NSW,Qld W2315
Carlia scirtetis Black Mountain Rainbow-Skink Qld S2321
Carlia storri Brown Bicarinate Rainbow-Skink Qld U2030
Carlia tetradactyla Southern Rainbow-Skink NSW,Qld,Vic E2318
Carlia triacantha Desert Rainbow-Skink NT,SA,WA G2319
Carlia vivax Tussock Rainbow-Skink NSW,Qld Q2320
Cautula zia Rainforest Cool-skink NSW,Qld G2467
Coeranoscincus frontalis Limbless Snake-toothed Skink Qld C2289
Coeranoscincus reticulatus Three-toed Snake-toothed Skink NSW,Qld S2293
Cryptoblepharus carnabyi *Spiny-Palmed Shinning(Snake-eyed)Skink NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA E2326
Cryptoblepharus egeriae Blue-tailed Shinning(Snake-eyed)Skink CI C2325
Cryptoblepharus fuhni Black-boulder Shinning(Snake-eyed)Skink Qld G2327
Cryptoblepharus litoralis Supralittoral Shinning(Snake-eyed)Skink NT,Qld Y2328
Cryptoblepharus megasticus Blotched Shinning(Snake-eyed)Skink NT,WA K2329
Cryptoblepharus plagiocephalus *Callose-palmed Shinning(Snake-eyed)Skink NSW(?),NT,Qld,SA,Vic( U2330
Cryptoblepharus virgatus *Cream-striped Shinning(Snake-eyed)Skink NSW,Qld,SA,Vic,WA W2331
Ctenotus alacer Lively Ctenotus NT,Qld,WA K2337
Ctenotus alleni Ajana Ctenotus WA M2338
Ctenotus allotropis Brown-blazed Wedgesnout Ctenotus NSW,Qld A2392
Ctenotus angusticeps Ctenotus WA(Airlie Islands) S2701
Ctenotus arcanus *Arcane Ctenotus Qld  
Ctenotus ariadnae Ariadna's Ctenotus WA Z2339
Ctenotus arnhemensis Jabiluka Ctenotus NT C2393
Ctenotus arcanus Arcane Ctenotus Qld A2404
Ctenotus astarte Stony Downs Ctenotus Qld A2404
Ctenotus atlas Southern Mallee Ctenotus NSW,SA,WA A2340
Ctenotus australis Western Limestone Ctenotus WA C2341
Ctenotus borealis White-faced Ctenotus NT C2405
Ctenotus brachyonyx Short-clawed Ctenotus NSW,SA,Vic E2342
Ctenotus brooksi *Wedge-snout Ctenotus NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA G2343
Ctenotus calurus Blue-tailed finesnout Ctenotus NT,SA,WA Y2344
Ctenotus capricorni Capricorn Ctenotus Qld E2394
Ctenotus catenifer Chain-striped South-west Ctenotus WA K2345
Ctenotus coggeri Brown-backed Ctenotus NT S2509
Ctenotus colletti Buff-tailed Finesnout Ctenotus NT,WA M2346
Ctenotus decaneurus Ten-lined Ctenotus NT,WA Z2347
Ctenotus delli Darling Range South-west Ctenotus WA Q2348
Ctenotus dux Fine Side-lined Ctenotus NT,SA,WA S2349
Ctenotus ehmanni Brown-tailed Finesnout Ctenotus WA K2469
Ctenotus essingtonii Lowlands Plain-backed Ctenotus NT,Qld E2350
Ctenotus eurydice Brown-backed Yellow-lined Ctenotus NSW,Qld Y2468
Ctenotus eutaenius Black-backed Yellow-lined Ctenotus Qld G2395
Ctenotus fallens West-coast Laterite Ctenotus WA G2351
Ctenotus gagudju Magela Ctenotus NT E2510
Ctenotus gemmula Jewelled South-west Ctenotus WA Y2352
Ctenotus grandis *Grand Ctenotus NT,SA(?),WA K2353
Ctenotus greeri Spotted-necked Ctenotus NT,WA M2354
Ctenotus hanloni Nimble Ctenotus NT,SA,WA Y2396
Ctenotus hebetior Stout Ctenotus NT,Qld Z2355
Ctenotus helenae *Clay-soil Ctenotus NT,SA,WA Q2356
Ctenotus hilli Top-end Lowlands Ctenotus NT S2357
Ctenotus impar Odd-striped Ctenotus WA U2358
Ctenotus ingrami Unspotted Yellow-sided Ctenotus NSW,Qld G2511
Ctenotus inornatus Bar-shouldered Ctenotus NT,Qld,WA W2359
Ctenotus joanae Black-soil Ctenotus NT,Qld Y2360
Ctenotus kurnbudj Kurnbudj Ctenotus NT Z2515
Ctenotus labillardieri Common South-west Ctenotus WA K2361
Ctenotus lancelini Lancelin South-west Ctenotus WA(Lancelin Island), M2362
Ctenotus lateralis Gravelly-soil Ctenotus Qld Z2363
Ctenotus leae *Orange-tailed Finesnout Ctenotus NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA Q2364
Ctenotus leonhardii Leonhardi's Ctenotus NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA S2365
Ctenotus mastigura Whiptail Ctenotus WA U2366
Ctenotus militaris Soldier Ctenotus NT,WA W2367
Ctenotus mimetes Checker-sided Ctenotus WA A2368
Ctenotus monticola Atherton Ctenotus Qld K2397
Ctenotus nasutus Ctenotus NT,WA K2169
Ctenotus nigrilineatus Ctenotus WA G2635
Ctenotus nullum Ctenotus Qld A2772
Ctenotus pallescens North-western Wedgesnout Ctenotus NT, C2369
Ctenotus pantherinus Leopard Ctenotus NSW(?),NT,Qld,SA,WA M2370
Ctenotus piankai *Coarse Sands Ctenotus NT,Qld,SA,WA Z2371
Ctenotus pulchellus Red-sided Ctenotus NT,Qld Q2372
Ctenotus quattuordecimlineatus *Fourteen Lined Ctenotus NT,SA,WA S2373
Ctenotus quinkan Quinkan Ctenotus Qld M2398
Ctenotus rawlinsoni Cape Heath Ctenotus Qld Z2399
Ctenotus regius Pale-rumped Ctenotus NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic U2374
Ctenotus robustus Robust Striped (Ctenotus)Skink NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA W2375
Ctenotus rubicundus Ruddy Ctenotus WA A2376
Ctenotus rufescens Ctenotus WA E2210
Ctenotus rutilans Rusty-shouldered Ctenotus WA Q2400
Ctenotus saxatilis Stony-soil Ctenotus NT,SA,WA C2377
Ctenotus schevilli Black-soil Rises Ctenotus Qld E2378
Ctenotus schomburgkii Barred Wedge-snout Ctenotus NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA G2379
Ctenotus septenarius Massive-gibber Ctenotus NT, G2211
Ctenotus serotinus Gravel-downs Ctenotus Qld K2513
Ctenotus serventyi North-western Sandy-loam Ctenotus WA Q2380
Ctenotus severus Stern Ctenotus WA S2381
Ctenotus spaldingi Straight-browed Ctenotus NT,Qld U2382
Ctenotus storri Buff-striped Ctenotus NT, W2383
Ctenotus strauchii Eastern Barred Wedge-snout Ctenotus NSW,NT,Qld,SA, A2384
Ctenotus striaticeps Stripe-headed Finesnout Ctenotus NT,Qld C2385
Ctenotus taeniolatus Copper-Tailed (Ctenotus) Skink NSW,Qld,Vic E2386
Ctenotus tanamiensis Tanami Ctenotus NT,WA G2387
Ctenotus tantillus Kimberly Wedge-snout Ctenotus NT,WA Y2388
Ctenotus uber Spotted Ctenotus NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA K2389
Ctenotus vertebralis Scant-striped Ctenotus NT, U2390
Ctenotus xenopleura Wide-striped Ctenotus WA S2401
Ctenotus youngsoni Shark bay South-west Ctenotus WA W2391
Ctenotus zastictus Hamelin Pool Ctenotus WA M2514
Ctenotus zebrilla Southern Cape York Finesnout Ctenotus Qld U2402
Cyclodomorphus branchialis Common Slender Bluetongue NT,Qld,SA,WA K2573
Cyclodomorphus casuarina She-oak Skink NSW,Tas,Vic M2574
Cyclodomorphus maxima Giant Slender Bluetongue WA Q2576
Cyclodomorphus melanops elongatus *Slender Bluetongue WA  
Cyclodomorphus melanops melanops Slender Bluetongue WA  
Cyclodomorphus melanops sticulosus Slender Bluetongue WA  
Cyclodomorphus venustus Samphire Slender Bluetongue SA  
Egernia arnhemensis Skink NT, Y2212
Egernia carinata Skink SA,WA E2406
Egernia coventryi Eastern Mourning Skink NSW(?),SA,Vic G2407
Egernia cunninghami *Cunningham's Skink NSW,Qld,SA,Vic Y2408
Egernia depressa *Pygmy Spiny-tailed Skink NT,SA,WA K2409
Egernia douglasi Kimberly Crevice-skink WA G2431
Egernia formosa *Goldfields Crevice-skink WA U2410
Egernia frerei Major Skink NSW,Qld W2411
Egernia hosmeri Hosmer's Skink NT,Qld A2412
Egernia inornata *Desert Skink NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA C2413
Egernia kingii King's Skink WA E2414
Egernia kintorei Great Desert Skink NT,SA,WA G2415
Egernia luctuosa Western Mourning Skink WA Y2416
Egernia major Land Mullet NSW,Qld K2417
Egernia margaretae Centralian Ranges/Flinders Ranges Rock-skink NT,SA, M2418
Egernia mcpheei Skink NSW,Qld K2213
Egernia modesta Eastern Ranges Rock-skink NSW,Qld Z2419
Egernia multiscutata Southern Sand-Skink SA,Vic,WA A2420
Egernia napoleonis South-western Crevice-skink WA Y2432
Egernia pilbarensis Pilbara Crevice-skink WA C2421
Egernia pulchra South-western Rock-Skink WA E2422
Egernia richardi Bight Crevice Skink NT(?) G2423
Egernia rugosa Yakka Skink Qld Y2424
Egernia saxatilis Black Rock Skink NSW,Vic K2425
Egernia slateri Centralian Floodplains Desert-skink NT,Qld(?),SA M2426
Egernia stokesii Stoke's (Gidgee)Skink NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA Z2427
Egernia striata *Nocturnal Desert-skink NT,SA,WA Q2428
Egernia striolata Tree Skink NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic S2429
Egernia w. whitii White's Skink NSW,Qld,SA,Tas,Vic E2430
Egernia w. tenobrosa White's Skink ? ?
Emoia atrocostata Littoral Whiptail Skink CI,Qld K2433
Emoia longicauda Scrub Whiptail Skink Qld Z2435
Emoia nativitatis Christmas Island Whiptail Skink CI Q2816
Eremiascincus fasciolatus Narrow-Banded Sand Swimmer NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic(?), S2437
Eremiascincus richardsonii Broad-Banded Sand Swimmer NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA U2438
Eroticoscincus graciloides Elf Skink Qld M2442
Eugongylus albofasciolata Sheen-skink Qld W2439
Eugongylus rufescens Bar-lipped Sheen-skink Qld Y2440
Eulamprus amplus Skink Qld E2562
Eulamprus heatwolei Warm-temperate Water-skink NSW,Vic M2214
Eulamprus kosciuskoi Alpine Water Skink NSW,Vic U2550
Eulamprus leuraensis Blue Mountains Swamp-Skink NSW Z2215
Eulamprus luteilateralis Orange-speckled Forest-skink Qld G2563
Eulamprus murrayi *Blue-speckled Forest-skink NSW,Qld A2552
Eulamprus quoyii Eastern (Common)Water Skink NSW,Qld,SA,Vic K2557
Eulamprus tenuis Bar-sided Forest-skink NSW,Qld Z2559
Eulamprus tigrinus Yellow-blotched Forest-skink Qld A2560
Eulamprus tympanum Cool-temperate Water-skink NSW,SA,Vic C2561
Glaphyromorphus brongersmia Brown-sided Bar-lipped Skink WA A2544
Glaphyromorphus cracens Slender Mulch-skink Qld Q2216
Eremiascincus crassicaudis Cape York Mulch-skink Qld C2545
Glaphyromorphus darwiniensis Northern Mulch-skink NT,WA S2217
Glaphyromorphus douglasi Orange-sided Bar-lipped Skink NT, E2546
Glaphyromorphus fuscicaudis Brown-tailed Bar-lipped Skink Qld G2547
Glaphyromorphus gracilip Skink WA Y2548
Glaphyromorphus isolepis Skink NT,WA K2549
Glaphyromorphus mjobergi Skink Qld W2551
Glaphyromorphus nigricau Skink NT,Qld C2553
Glaphyromorphus pardalis Skink Qld E2554
Glaphyromorphus pumilus Skink Qld G2555
Glaphyromorphus punctula Skink Qld Y2556
Gnypetoscincus queenslandiae Prickly Forest Skink Qld Q2584
Hemiergis decresiensis Three-toed Earless Skink NSW,SA,Vic K2441
Hemiergis graciloides Earless Skink Qld ?
Hemiergis initialis Southwestern Earless Skink SA,WA Z2443
Hemiergis maccoyi Earless Skink NSW,Vic ?
Hemiergis millewae Triodia Earless Skink NSW,SA,Vic,WA S2445
Hemiergis peronii Perons(Lowlands)Earless Skink SA,Vic,WA U2446
Hemiergis quadrilineatum Two-toed Earless Skink WA U2218
Hemisphaeriodon gerrardi Pink-Tongued Skink NSW,Qld Z2575
Lampropholis adonis Sunskink Qld A2236
Lampropholis amicula Friendly Sunskink NSW,Qld W2447
Lampropholis caligula Montane Sunskink NSW, S2453
Glaphyromorphus coggeri Skink Qld G2643
Lampropholis colossus Skink Qld E2238
Lampropholis couperi Skink Qld G2239
Lampropholis delicata Dark-flecked Garden Sunskink NSW,Qld,SA,Tas,Vic M2450
Lampropholis guichenoti Common Grass Skink NSW,Qld,SA,Vic Z2451
Lampropholis mirabilis Saxicoline Sunskink Qld W2455
Lerista aericeps Desert Plain Slider NSW,NT,Qld Q2524
Lerista allanae Greater Robust Fine-lined Slider Qld U2470
Lerista allochira Skink WA Q2240
Lerista ameles Limbless Fine-lined Slider Qld W2471
Lerista apoda Skink WA A2472
Lerista arenicola Skink SA,WA S2241
Lerista axillaris Skink WA U2242
Lerista bipes *Two-toed Skink (North-western Sandslider) NT,Qld,SA,WA C2473
Lerista borealis Inland Kimberly Slider NT,WA E2474
Lerista bougainvillii Bougainville's Skink NSW,SA,Tas,Vic G2475
Lerista bunglebungle Skink WA K2249
Lerista carpentariae Carpenteria Fine-lined Slider NT, U2250
Lerista chalybura Pilbara Blue-tailed Slider WA A2536
Lerista christinae Bold-striped Slider WA K2477
Lerista cinerea Vine-thicket Fine-lined Slider Qld W2543
Lerista colliveri Skink Qld U2702
Lerista concolor Skink WA Z2259
Lerista connivens Blinking Broad-blazed Slider WA Y2476
Lerista desertorum *Slider NT,SA,WA  
Lerista distinguenda South-western Orange-tailed Slider WA Z2479
Lerista dorsalis Southern Slider SA,WA Y2564
Lerista elegans legant Slider WA A2480
Lerista elongata Skink SA A2260
Lerista emmotti Skink Qld W2703
Lerista flammicauda Pilbara Flame-tailed Slider WA K2565
Lerista fragilis * Eastern Mulch-slider NSW(?),Qld C2481
Lerista frosti Centralian Slider NT,SA(?),WA(?), E2482
Lerista gascoynensis Gascoyne Broad-blazed Slider WA M2566
Lerista gerrardii Bold-striped Robust Slider WA G2483
Lerista greeri South-eastern Kimberly Sandslider WA Z2567
Lerista griffini Stout Sandslider NT,WA Q2568
Lerista haroldi Gnaraloo Mulch-slider WA S2569
Lerista humphriesi Taper-tailed West-coast Slider WA Y2484
Lerista ingrami Skink Qld C2261
Lerista ips Robust Duneslider NT,WA Z2507
Lerista kalumburu Kalumburu Kimberly Slider WA K2485
Lerista karlschmidti Lesser Robust Fine-lined Slider NT,Qld M2486
Lerista kendricki Skink WA E2262
Lerista kennedyensis Skink WA S2277
Lerista labialis Southern Sandslider NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA Z2487
Lerista lineata Perth Slider WA Q2488
Lerista lineopunctulata Dotted-line Robust Slider WA S2489
Lerista macropisthopus Unpatterned Robust Slider WA E2490
Lerista maculosa Skink WA A2296
Lerista microtis South-western Slider SA,WA G2491
Lerista muelleri Wood Mulch-slider NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA Y2492
Lerista neander Pilbara Robust Slider WA K2493
Lerista nichollsi Inland Broad-blazed Slider WA M2494
Lerista onsloviana Onslow Broad-blazed Slider WA C2297
Lerista orientalis North-eastern Orange-tailed Slider NT,Qld Z2495
Lerista petersoni Skink WA Q2508
Lerista p. picturata Southern Robust Slider SA,WA Q2496
Lerista p. edwardsae Slider ? ?
Lerista planiventralis Keeled Slider WA S2497
Lerista praefrontalis Yampi Sandslider WA E2570
Lerista praepedita Blut-tailed West-coast Slider WA U2498
Lerista puncticauda Skink WA U2322
Lerista punctatovitta Eastern Robust Slider ? U2322
Lerista quadrilineata Skink WA Y2644
Lerista robusta Skink WA W2323
Lerista separanda Dampierland Plain Slider WA A2500
Lerista simillima Fitzroy Sandslider WA G2571
Lerista speciosa Skink SA A2324
Lerista storri Chillagoe Fine-lined Slider Qld K2581
Lerista stictopleura Spotted Broad-blazed Slider WA M2582
Lerista stylis Arnhem Coast Fine-lined Slider NT,Qld C2501
Lerista taeniata Skink NT,WA A2332
Lerista talpina Skink WA C2333
Lerista terdigitata Robust Mulch-slider SA,WA E2502
Lerista tridactyla Skink WA E2334
Lerista uniduo Slender Broad-blazed Slider WA G2335
Lerista varia Shark Bay Broad-blazed Slider WA Y2900
Lerista vermicularis Slender Duneslider WA K2901
Lerista viduata Skink WA Y2336
Lerista vittata Side-striped Fine-lined Slider Qld M2902
Lerista walkeri Coastal Kimberly Slider WA G2503
Lerista wilkinsi Two-toed Fine-lined Slider Qld Y2504
Lerista xanthura Yellow-tailed Plain Slider NSW,NT,SA,WA M2506
Lerista yuna Skink WA M2434
Lerista zonulata Skink Qld Q2436
Lygisaurus aeratus Large-disced Litter-skink Qld C2457
Lygisaurus foliorum Tree-base Litter-skink NSW,Qld W2307
Lygisaurus laevis Rainforest Edge Litter-skink Qld K2505
Lygisaurus macfarlani Translucent Litter-skink Qld S2313
Lygisaurus rococo Chillagoe Litter-skink Qld W2535
Lygisaurus sesbrauna Eastern Cape Litter-skink Qld A2704
Lygisaurus tanneri Endeavour River Litter-skink Qld C2705
Lygisaurus timlowi Dwarf Litter-skink Qld M2522
Lygisaurus zuma Skink Qld E2706
Lygosoma bowringii Christmas Island Grass-skink CI Y2512
Menetia alanae Top End Dwarf Skink NT S2517
Menetia amaura Shark Bay Dwarf Skink WA U2518
Menetia concinna Jabiluka Dwarf Skink NT Z2903
Menetia greyii *Common Dwarf Skink NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA W2519
Menetia koshlandae Skink Qld C2773
Menetia maini Northern Dwarf Skink NT,Qld,WA Y2520
Menetia surda Western Dwarf Skink WA K2521
Morethia adelaidensis Saltbush Morethia Skink NSW,Qld,SA,Vic,WA S2525
Morethia boulengeri South-eastern Morethia Skink NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA U2526
Morethia butleri *Woodland Morethia Skink SA,WA W2527
Morethia lineoocellata West-Coast Morethia Skink WA A2528
Morethia obscura Shrubland Morethia Skink NSW,SA,Vic,WA C2529
Morethia ruficauda Lined Firetail Skink NT,SA,WA Z2531
Morethia storri Top End Firetail Skink NT,WA Q2532
Morethia taeniopleura North-eastern Fire-Tailed Skink NSW(?),Qld M2530
Nangura spinosa Skink Qld G2707
Nannoscincus maccoyi Highlands Forest-skink NSW,Vic Q2444
Niveoscincus coventryi Skink NSW,Vic E2458
Niveoscincus greeni Skink Tas, Q2460
Niveoscincus metallicum Skink Tas,Vic U2462
Niveoscincus microlepido Skink Tas Y2708
Niveoscincus ocellatus Ocellated Skink Tas W2463
Niveoscincus orocryptus Skink Tas K2709
Niveoscincus palfreymani Red-Throated Skink Tas(Pedra Branca Rock) Q2540
Niveoscincus pretiosus Skink Tas C2465
Notoscincus butleri Lined Soil-crevice Skink WA S2533
Notoscincus ornatus Ornate Soil-crevice Skink NT,Qld,SA,WA U2534
Ophioscincus coolooensis Cooloola Snake-skink Qld M2718
Ophioscincus ophioscincus Yolk-bellied Snake Skink Qld Z2291
Ophioscincus truncatus Short-limbed Snake-skink NSW,Qld U2294
Proablepharus kinghorni Red-tailed Soil-crevice Skink NSW,NT,Qld C2537
Proablepharus reginae Western Soil-crevice Skink NT,SA,WA E2538
Proablepharus tenuis Northern Soil-crevice Skink NT,Qld,WA G2539
Pseudemoia baudini Skink WA Q2516
Pseudemoia entrecasteaux Skink NSW,SA,Tas,Vic G2459
Pseudemoia lichenigera Skink LHI,NI S2461
Pseudemoia rawlinsoni Skink NSW,NT(?),Vic W2683
Pseudemoia spenceri Skink NSW,Vic S2541
Saiphos equalis Skink NSW,Qld U2542
Saproscincus challengeri *Orange-tailed Shadeskink NSW,Qld C2449
Saproscincus czechurai Wedge-snouted Shadeskink Qld U2454
Saproscincus galli Shadeskink NSW,Qld A2764
Saproscincus mustelinus Weasel Skink NSW,Vic Q2452
Saproscincus rosei Shadeskink NSW,Qld C2765
Saproscincus spectabilis Shadeskink Qld E2766
Saproscincus tetradactyla Four-fingered Shade skink Qld A2456
Tiliqua adelaidensis *Pygmy (Adelaide)Bluetongue SA Y2572
Tiliqua s. intermedia Northern Blue-Tongued Lizard NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA Y2580
Tiliqua multifasciata *Centralian Blue-Tongued Lizard NT,Qld,SA,WA S2577
Tiliqua nigrolutea Blotched Blue-Tongued Lizard NSW,SA,Tas,Vic U2578
Tiliqua occipitalis *Western Blue-Tongued Lizard NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA W2579
Tiliqua rugosa *Shingle-Back NSW,Qld,SA,Vic,WA Z2583
Tiliqua s. scincoides *Eastern Blue-Tongued Lizard NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA Y2580

Click on the abbreviation to see a map of the area

CI = Christmas Island
CKI = Cocos (Keeling) Island
LHI = Lord Howe Island
NI = Norfolk Island
NSW = New South Wales
NT = Northern Territory
Qld = Queensland
SA = South Australia
Tas = Tasmania
Vic = Victoria
WA = Western Australia