We are looking for people who have firsthand knowledge of a species to write the page for that species. We do not want pages that are paraphrasings of various books and articles, but articles which have a personal touch. We welcome anecdotal information, field observations, husbandry and breeding information.

If you do not write HTML code, don't worry about it. I can convert the articles from .txt or .wpd format into HTML code and add the picture links where specified. I will be glad to do some editing, but articles which are loaded with grammatical errors, factual errors or which are just poorly written will be returned.

While we want the pages to be scientifically correct, we are not looking for scientific articles. We are looking for pages which will be informative and interesting to most readers. This is a site developed by hobbyists for hobbyists. This is not to say that we don't welcome pages from university or research people. We do. Our first "volunteer" was Dr. Adam Britton, the crocodilian specialist. We just don't want the articles to be long on scientific data and short on the information which will be more meaningful, interesting and helpful to the hobbyists.

For many of the minor species we will be lacking pictures. If you have slides which are of good quality I will be glad to scan them in and return them to you promptly. A good picture, especially of a rare or lesser known species or subspecies, is better than a blank page.

If you want to write a page, email me and tell me which species and also tell me a bit about yourself and why you feel qualified to write up that species. If you have slides or pictures that you want to put on the site again, email me. My email address is: joherp@camalott.com. If you are in Australia, you can also contact John Fowler.

Thanks. I look forward to being flooded with pages. I enjoy doing this stuff, so make me happy.

John Hollister