Reptiles of Australia

Our thanks to those who have assisted in building this site. Owing to the massive scope of the project, it would not have been possible without their assistance.

Basic taxonomic data was taken from Reptiles and Amphibians of Australia by Harold G. Cogger, Reed Books Pty. Ltd., NSW, Australia.
All of the range maps have been done by John Hollister, using data borrowed primarily from the same book.

Our thanks to those who have written pages for this site.

Adam Britton, PhD, for writing the pages for both the crocodile species.


Our thanks to those who have made the taxonomy as current as possible.

Mark Hutchinson ( South Australian Museum - Curator of Herpetology) for supplying an up-to-date list of the reptiles of South Australia.
Harold De Lisle, PhD. for his work on the taxonomy of the monitors.

Our thanks to those who have supplied photographs for this site.

Adam Britton, PhD, for pictures of crocodiles.
David Williams  of Australia for python and elapid pictures.
Dr. Eric Pianka of the University of Texas for many fine photographs. Check out his site at UT
Brian Bush, Snakes Harmful or Harmless, for his pictures of various lizards.
Pavel German for various pictures.
Mathew Bonnett  for numerous pictures.
John Weigel  of the Australian Reptile Park.
Tim Nias for photographs of various snakes.